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Muthiyangana Vihara

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Muthiyangana is one of the sixteen most venerated religious places for Buddhists in Sri Lanka. It has a shrine that was built in 4 century AD and houses the jaw-bone of Lord Buddha. It is believed that the Lord Buddha personally blessed this site during one of his three visits to Sri Lanka. At the southern end of Badulla stands the Muthiyangana Vihara whose origins date back 5th Century BC. Buddha is believed to have visited Lanka for the third time, on the eighth year following the supreme enlightenment.

King Indaka of pre-historic (meaning prior to our recorded history) tribe Deva (one of the three tribes believed have inhabited Lanka, the other tribes being Yakka & Naga) built Muthiyangana stupa at the location where Buddha is believed to have made the sermons. The stupa was developed into a temple complex by a succession of Sinhalese kings commencing from King Devanam Piya Tissa (307-266 BC), The Deer Hunter, the first Sinhalese convert to Buddhism.
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